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সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com is an Online News Portal & Professional logging Platform that aims to provide accurate and objective news and views for the audience across the country. With the slogan of ‘জানার কোন শেষ নেই তাই সব জানুন’, the Online News Portal & Professional Bloging Platform started its journey in 29 April 2022.

About Our Journalism Department

Due to its bold journalism, rich content and presentation with unique layout and design, সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com has quickly won the hearts of people, even highly sophisticated and fanatical readers have increased their loyalty to it. Since then, সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com has illuminated every corner of Bangladesh, including 200 countries and regions around the world, through its digital offers.

সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com;puts an extra emphasis on national news and news from every Upazila. However, it also covers different segments like politics, economics, war and peace, international, sports, entertainment, education, information and technology, features, job, religion, lifestyle, and columns.

This online is different and unique than other online news portals because it practices ‘multimedia’ journalism, which provides readers news of home and abroad along with audio, video, infographic, and web story.


সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com aims to provide the most updated news to its readers within the shortest possible time. In this journey to provide news quickly, সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com unbiased.

Following the basic fundamental principles of the Bangladesh constitution, সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com aims to strengthen public opinion in favor of the liberation war.

সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com is committed to the fundamental values of the country, especially, national sovereignty, democracy and secularism. In addition,  সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com will speak for the human and civil rights of the citizen of the country.

Values and Principles

The most contributing factor behind the unparalleled popularity of সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com is the values and principles we adhere to:

  • Professional Bloging
    With exemplary courage, we practice transparent and objective Bloging.
  • People Focus
    We talk of the people; we stand by the people.
  • Change Catalyst
    Every day we speak of positive change.
  • Innovation
    We look beyond the ordinary; we progress with innovation and uniqueness.
  • Integrity
    We march together.

Ethics Policy

সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com is committed to the highest ethical standards. Fairness, accuracy and objectivity are among our core values to maintain our integrity. We believe that the trustworthiness of the public is our most important asset. We are transparent to our readers as well.

সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com takes a non-partisan position in political issues as no political parties can influence us. Besides, it remains neutral in conflicts between justice and injustice or right and wrong.

Whatever the consequence is, সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com never compromises on issues like national interests, human rights, rule of law, gender issues and freedom of the press.

Fact-Checking Policy

Fact-checking is considered as one of the most important elements of journalism. সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com cross-checks the information several times before publishing it to its website. We have correspondents in all the 64 districts of the country. These huge numbers of correspondents across the country helped সব জানুন.কম – Sub Janun.Com to cover different news and to take statements from both of the concerned sides of any incident while making any news. Besides, our correspondents cross-check the information provided by the witnesses, locals and administration.

Corrections Policy

সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com always tries to provide accurate information to its audience. However, mistakes can happen in journalism despite following proper procedures. In these circumstances, সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com does not hesitate to acknowledge the error.

After checking the facts correctly, the target of সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com is to tell its readers, as quickly as possible, what was wrong and what is correct. We tried to make the thing very clear to all of our audience as anyone would be able to understand how and why that mistake has been corrected.

In times of major correction, সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com provides a ‘rejoinder’ at its website, and we clearly indicate the change.


The Editor leads all the departments including news, reporting and editorial units of সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com. The Editor, however, is assisted by executive editor, chief reporter and news editor.

There are designated ‘In-charges’ of every department to run the workflow of their respective teams. The chief reporter leads the reporting team while the news editor is responsible for the central desk of সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com. All other departments including digital, technology and web, sports, entertainment, international, English, country and feature are headed by the In-charges of the respective departments. All the department heads are assisted by the senior sub-editors.

The research and development department are responsible for writing editorials, opinions and columns in line with the instruction of the Editor of সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com. In addition, they also collect editorials from other renowned writers.

The Admin and Human Resources department is responsible for supervising the whole management including the accounts, production, store and establishment units. The Accounts department are concerned for the finance and accounts sections of সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com.

Our Editorial Policy

To realize the spirit of the war of liberation and to spread true and impartial news in accordance with the constitution of Bangladesh.

Sources of Our Uniqueness.

সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com is firmly committed to the ideals of democracy, communal harmony and the spirit of the Liberation War of Bangladesh. Our bias is only toward the country and its people and not toward any party or group. সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com is objective, uncompromising, and neutral in presenting news. We are equally respectful toward women, children, and all minorities and we value everyone in a family, from the oldest to the youngest.

Our journalists follow the strict journalism ethics that সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com has formulated as policy. These dedicated journalists are scattered across districts to cover every nook and cranny. Moreover, সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com has also drawn up a mandatory code of ethics for reporting on women and children related issues. সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com has compiled a ‘Language Usage Guide’ to uphold the purity of Bangla and promote uniform usage of the language.

If the strength of সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com lies in its values and principles, then its source of inspiration is its readers. They are its final arbiters, its ultimate owners. They keep সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com alive each day, and encourage it to march toward the future. সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com is, thus, ultimately accountable to its readers.

About Our blogging Department

সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com is a Online News Portal & Professional Bloging Platform. Here we will provide you only interesting content, which you will like very much. We mainly focus on Blogging Category to help people.

So, now a days people are more dependent on online products and services that’s why we also, take forward a step to help you.

We’re dedicated to providing you the best of Bloging, with a focus on dependability and Daily Update. 

We’re working to turn our passion for Bloging into a booming online website. We hope you enjoy our Bloging as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

Our first wish to provide you a better solution to your problem. So, kindly if you don’t get any solution then mention it in the comment section.

Also, we are trying to provide fresh & latest content that provides you ideas about all updated information that’s happening in the world.

In the below section you can get more ideas about our site like our website category and content category.

What is Our Goal?

There are millions of websites created every day, also, there much fake content spread on the internet.

So, Our main goal to provide you 100% Original and Safe content that provides you a great and better experience on the world wide web.

We mainly focus on our service so and improving it regularly to provide a better user experience to all users.

Basically, we focus on the Blogging niche so, our main priority to search for new content and present it in front of you to learn something new.

What is our Service?

We are mainly focused on the Blogging category so, we provide Blogging related content if you are interested in the Blogging category then you can visit daily to get more latest information.

How to start blogging. Easy method tips and tricks to start an online journey.

On our website সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com you get can all Blogging related information also, we focus on many other categories and we hope you like also, the content of other categories that maintained on our website. 

Also, we provide a Notification update service you can join by email and other Social Media Platforms.

Statement for Head of blogging department.

As per my point of view, there are many people who visit the internet to get some information but 90% of the time they get wrong information so, the first priority of our website সব জানুন.কম – Sob Janun.Com is to provide 100% legit and accurate information to our users, Also, I hope my dream comes true one day, and our website will provide Original Content to provide a better user experience. So, From my Side thanks for visiting our website.

I will keep posting more important posts on my Website for all of you. Please give your support and love.

 Ownership & Funding Info 

সব জানুন.কম – Sub Janun.Com is owned by Sotter Sokal. If more information is needed, please visit Ownership and finding information.

If you have additional questions or require more information About Us, do not hesitate to contact us through email at sobjanun@gmail.com 

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